Are you concerned about Heart Disease such as High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol? Do you know someone who would like to prevent various types of Heart Disease?

Please read: Bypass the Bypass by David Rowland

Biochemical Individuality

     Biochemical Individuality:  Each of us is as different on the inside as our faces and fingerprints are on the outside.  We all require the same nutrients, but not necessarily in the same quantities.  Many of us have deficiencies, but not the same deficiencies.  Some of us have unusually high requirements for certain factors.  And stressful lifestyles push our requirements far beyond the levels suggested in textbooks.  This is why our arterial cleansing formula has 30 ingredients – to give the body a buffet from which it can choose whatever it needs on any given day.  Your body instinctively absorbs large amounts of whatever it needs and little to none of what it doesn’t.   The Vitalized® Difference:  In 1995, Dr. David Rowland discovered a way to manufacture vitamin/mineral tablets in a way that significantly enhances their bio-energetic qualities, as documented by Kirlian photography.  Vitalized® tablets thus act as a subtle form of vibrational medicine, over and above their nutritional content.